Waxing – Using Organic, Vegan Wax.

Hygiene Policy
At Revitalize we believe that hygiene is so important to the well being and health of our clients. We never DOUBLE DIP our spatulas for ANY waxing treatments, therefore no germs, skin cells or blood are shared! A fresh pair of gloves are used for each client and disposed of in a sharps box. Each client is given an intimate wipe and a pair of disposable gloves for bikini waxing.

Lip¼ hr.£13.00
Lip and Chin¼ hr.£18.50
Bikini¼ hr.£18.00
Extended Bikini¼ hr£21.00
Brazilian Bikini¼ hr.£30.50
Hollywood Bikini½ hr.£40.00
Underarms¼ hr.£18.00
Half Arm½ hr.£26.00
½ leg patches½ hr.£35.00
½ Leg½ hr.£30.00
Full Leg1 hr.£42.00
Full Arm¾ hr.£37.00
Hot Wax Add-ons  £ 7.00

Hot Wax Selected therapist only